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Rebozo Comfort Techniques in Toronto

History of the Rebozo


 The Rebozo is a powerful symbol of Mexican culture and identity. It is a long flat garment worn mainly by Mexican women and worn in various ways, usually folded or wrapped around the shoulders and/or head.

In the Castilian language, ‘rebozo’ means to cover or protect oneself. Other indigenous names are ciua nequealtlapacholoni in the Nahuatl language and mini-mahua among the Otomi people. It is sometimes called cenzotl, meaning a multi-coloured cloth.

These highly-treasured, decorated shawls play a central part in the China Poblana, the traditional costume adopted by Mexican women. The Rebozo represents the journey from birth to death – playing its part in birth, as a baby carrier and a shroud for the dead, and has many other uses in between. 

Beautifully Handcrafted


Our Rebozos are hand made and directly purchased from indigenous women just outside of Chiapas, Mexico and directly support their communities and talent. Rebozos are very long, woven pieces of art, made for women and by women. An essential addition to any birth and a great gift for both mom and baby. 

Always a lot of stock and variety available, however all pieces are unique. Feel free to contact us for sizes and styles available as these may vary due to their unique designs.

Ranging From $69-79 Cdn

** Flat rate for shipping in Canada is $15 Cdn

*** Special bulk pricing for orders of 5 or more. Please sen us an email for further details. 

Advanced Comfort Techniques


The Rebozo offers various uses for comfort techniques in Toronto during labour and can be practiced with the support person prenatally to familiarize themselves with each one. These techniques are taught to all doula clients during prenatal visits. 

In addition to pain relief the Rebozo can be effective in encouraging optimal fetal positioning prenatally and while in labour.

$150 per couple (includes a FREE Rebozo)

Classes available to parents as well as birth workers. 

***Group discounts available. Contact us for availability.

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