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Birth Services in Toronto & Durham Region

Birth Services in Toronto & Durham Region

Birth Services in Toronto & Durham RegionBirth Services in Toronto & Durham Region

Safety & Sanitation Information During COVID-19

During these unprecedented times we are updating policies and procedures for overnight care with our postpartum families.  This is for the safety of ourselves, our families and the clients we serve. 

  • The doula will have taken Special Health Canada Approved COVID-19 Infection Control Training
  • The doula will change clothes/wash hands thoroughly before leaving for a shift and upon arrival at the client's home, as well as before leaving at the end of a shift 
  • The doula will disinfecting surfaces, switches and door handles in the area the doula will be working with baby upon arrival and before leaving a shift
  • The doula will not bring any personal items with them (i.e. no carriers, doula bag, blankets, etc.)
  • Cellular devices will be disinfected upon leaving for a client's home and upon arrival
  • The doula will be wearing a mask and gloves during their shift
  • The doula will be limiting care to one family at a time 
  • The doula will have direct contact with one caregiver at a time 

Overnight Support

Night Doula Services

Help when you need it the most, AT NIGHT!!! 

Bringing home a new baby is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. We're here to help tackle night time challenges, support breastfeeding and help new parents catch up on sleep.